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Specialized Training Programs for Athletes of Every Skill Level

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  • Strength and Conditioning For All Sports

    Over the years, we have trained with a large variety of athletes from traditional sports such as Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball, and Baseball, as well as Competitive Skiing, Wrestling, and more.

  • Unique Methods Beyond Strength Training

    What sets us apart from other facilities is our unique approach to movement quality. We help develop a much more complete and stronger athlete, while still focusing on basic strength and conditioning principles that will keep your athlete healthy, strong, and powerful.

  • Customized Movement Efficiency Assessments

    During a 45 min to 1-hour one-on-one assessment, we determine the current skill level and needs of every athlete.  From there, we customize a program specific to goals, strengths, and weaknesses.


This program is a truly semi-private program for athletes between 8th grade up to College.  After your free consultation, we will set up a Movement Efficiency Assessment in which we will design a completely custom program for you!

From there, you as an athlete can sign up for a time slot that fits your schedule.  We offer anywhere from 8-20 time slots depending on the time of year, which you may change week to week to accommodate your ever-changing sport schedule.

We cap the group at a maximum of 4 athletes to ensure you get the attention you deserve, because that is the difference between showing up and training with a purpose.  This program is designed for the serious athlete looking to take their performance to a whole new level!

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This program focuses on power and strength development of the JV and Varsity-aged athlete. We have a scientifically-backed periodization model program, meant to ensure a safer, stronger, and better equipped athlete.

This program is for new athletes just breaking into the Strength and Conditioning realm or those looking to help shore up their body for the demands of regular athletic play.

We guarantee positive change from reduction in injury, strength gains, confidence, physical awareness, and more.

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Our Kids Fitness Program is centered on the development of the 8-11 year participant (athlete or not).  We emphasize FUN-damentals in this program where we focus on age appropriate skills and development.   These fundamentals include improving running, jumping, decelerating, throwing, rolling, climbing, moving, and overall core/strength.

We will utilize free movement, games, tasks, and challenges in a fun, fast paced structured environment. The kids should expect to be sweaty and smiling, becoming better with each training session! If you’re interested in this program, feel free to reach out below or view the current schedule.

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Flexible time frames and specific to your team requirements, we cater to your needs and can guarantee results in as little as the first session!  Typically, we first meet with coaches to discuss needs and the best possible approach, then implement the necessary tools and training in team/group sessions.

With years of team-training experience, our programs can specialize to different positions to ensure a complete performance package to blow away the other teams in your leagues!

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A number of our athletes prefer to come in and work directly, one-on-one, with a coach to get the guaranteed fastest results possible.

From partaking in this type of program in the summer time, to dedicating their time between seasons, this completely private session is the absolute fastest way to yield and guarantee results you may never have dreamed possible, from dropping seconds off your speed movements to tacking on multiple inches onto your vertical jump.

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