Wherever You Are in Your Journey, We Will Set You Up for Nutritional Success.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple and evolves with the most current research available to our team. We look to remove barriers, add quality food content, and provide strategies for long-term success that align with your particular goals.This is achieved through sit-down sessions and/or email support that is included with your membership, or through content provided when you begin a program with TREO.

Food Service

In addition to those barriers, we have people who simply do not have the time to cook healthy meals, and end up settling for low quality fast-food or take-out several nights a week.

We can assure most people who develop those habits have a very difficult time staying in caloric ranges that support goals they come in for.

Because of our passion to equip our clients for complete success, we teamed up with 716 Fresh LLC. to provide healthy, nutritious meals that can be purchased weekly, and delivered to your home or picked up at our Training Facility in West Seneca.

Head over to or click the button below to order or view the current menu. Please note that orders are due by Wednesday at noon. New menus are available weekly on Sundays.

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If nutrition is not a barrier for you, we also provide other solutions for helping limit soreness, develop lean muscle tissue, and help you achieve that toned, desired look through our Nutritional Supplementation Program.

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