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FREE 5-week "Biggest loser"
weight loss challenge

Start your New Year off right by joining a FREE 5-Week Challenge!  Challenge runs from 1/13 - 2/15.

Free Challenge Includes:

Healthy Food Choices List

Step 1

Get access to unlimited classes, and book only the sessions that work for you and your busy schedule.

Pre & Post Body Comp Assessment

Step 1

We provide formulas for calculating daily caloric requirements, macro balancing based on personal goals, and more.

Eligibility for 2 FREE Months of Training at TREO (top 2 winners)

Step 1

We provide formulas for calculating daily caloric requirements, macro balancing based on personal goals, and more.

OR... Add To Your Free Challenge For Only $149And Get The Perks Of Our "Fit in 40" New Year's Challenge!

"Fit in 40" Challenge Package Includes:

UNLIMITED Training Sessions

Step 1

Get access to unlimited group classes, and book only the sessions that work for you and your busy schedule.

UNLIMITED Open Gym Access

Step 1

Get access to unlimited Open Gym hours, so you can get in additional, individual workouts and challenge points.

Nutritional Program & Support

Step 1

We provide healthy nutrition guidelines and support, based on your personal needs and goals.

Certified Training & Coaches

Step 1

Our classes are trainer-led by certified coaches who are there to support and encourage you, every step of the way.

Only $199
$149 For Teachers!

3 Different Class Styles To Choose From

Step 1

We offer Group Personal Training, Kettlebell Skills, and MB101 classes, so you can have fun while focusing on your unique goals.

Get the Confidence You Dreamed Of

Step 1

By pairing good nutrition with our proven workouts, your energy will increase, inches will drop, and confidence will soar.

Results With Only 2-3 Sessions Per Week

Step 1

Our trainer-led classes are designed to bring the transformation you've been looking for. Just give us 60-minutes, 2-3x's per week.

Testimonials From Previous Challenges

Jeff, Fall Challenge Winner
Lost 27 lbs & 18.5 inches

ā€œI texted Zack before it [Fall Challenge] started, and told him that 'I want in on your challenge, and Iā€™m gonna f***ing win it.' My word, and subsequently, my pride, were my motivation. The morning classes got me going and kept me going throughout the day. The classes keep me honest with my diet, and allowed me to settle into a routine, that provided better results than I thought it would. The support from the Staff, and other Members at TREO, was truly motivating. The challenges provide unlimited classes, and competition, which drives me.ā€

Jenn, 2nd Chance Challenge Winner
Lost 5 lbs & 8 inches

"The biggest challenge for me when it comes to fitness has always been consistency and accountability.  The challenge was perfect for me in that it addressed both of those.  I was able to schedule and plan my workout days ahead of time, so there were no excuses.  It also helped immensely having amazing coaches (shout out to Shannon!) guiding me through every workout, as well as reviewing my food logs and helping me make adjustments as needed.  For the first time in my life, I actually enjoy working out and look forward to continuing success at TREO!ā€

Cindy, Fall Challenge

Lost 14 lbs & 10.25 inches

"The TREO Challenges are very beneficial due to the nutritional guidance provided.  The knowledge gained through the daily tracking of calories (very easily through MyFitnessPal) is something you carry on through your post challenge days, and helps you to change your daily eating habits.  The trainers and people you work out with also help in a very big way.  They help you through the classes with direction and encouragement.  Four weeks post challenge, I have reduced another three pounds by just practicing new habits!  This is a very balanced program that will help you get healthy and lose weight for good!ā€

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