TREO Sports & Fitness is a unique and personalized high performance training facility that exists to dramatically improve health, fitness, and performance through our innovative systems, coaching, training.

We discover each of our client’s individual goals and work with them to achieve them.  Unlike “gyms” and other training facilities, when at TREO, every single one of our clients almost immediately becomes part of our incredible community of people and works with a high level coach during each session they have.

Every prospective customer, if desired, can begin with a one-on-one consultation, where we discuss medical history, goals, and fitness/performance history.

Based on this information, we lay out a simple, yet effective road map of how each person can arrive at their destination in as little time as possible, while having fun in the process.

Prospective customers are welcome to try a Free Class of our Group Personal Training Program, Kettlebell Skills & Conditioning, or Semi-Private Sports Performance Training program for athletes, depending on availability and which best suit the needs of the prospective customer.

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Our goal and mission is to effectively inspire each person who walks through our doors to expect, achieve, and BE more than they were before they met us.

We meet each member right where they are, and take them step-by-step to where they want to go.  Each member of the TREO team is passionate about helping others become the best version of themselves possible – whether it be in sports, fitness, or in life.

We at TREO are regularly seeking to raise the bar in the level of service we provide.  We are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives and performance of those we work with, and have consistently helped our clients make significant changes, by simply holding ourselves to a different standard.

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